Our Vision

We are a community in which all  Christian Pastors and Ministers are loved and supported as they serve God.


1. Being truly heard 

2. Being truly known 

3. Being truly loved (& Liked) unconditionally 

4. Thinking of others (beyond our needs) 

5. Loving ourselves enough to be able to share love 

6. Being present in the crucial life moments for others even if we are not interested 

7. Reaching out with calls, letters / posting positive godly messages 

8. Come together – hold planning meetings or discussion meetings around given topics that arise 

9. Attend / support Church activity of members 

10. Invite them to something fun 

11. Smile! 

12. Inviting someone for coffee / tea 

13. Retreat weekend give away 

14. Send a card 

15. Fellowship Nights quarterly 

16. Celebrate a birthday 

17. Offer to learn about “their” passions 

18. Regular face-to-face contact via prayer partners; check-in with one another beyond monthly meeting 1

9. Whole group fellowships 

20. Pamper Day 

21. Monthly call 

22. Pray for (2) members by name for a period of time (7 days; 21 days; month) 23. Let someone know you were listening 

24. Showing up to “their” events 

25. Pass out names at meetings; prayer for person until the next meeting